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Finding the right template for your website


    Go to Themeforest
    Search website by describing the purpose of the business you have in mind, e.g. photography portfolio
    Order search results by Best Rated

Check the following information:

  • Number of sales (should be at least hundreds)
  • Review score (anything below 4* ignore)
  • Check for regular updates of the Theme from the developer, this shows it is being well supported, improved and fixed, e.g. much better value for money as the site will be constantly evolving without further payment (e.g. safeguards against security flaws in the future too, potentially)
  • Critical – Choice a template that has a good balance between design (e.g. strong presentation that fits your needs) and features.
  • Check out the Live Previews once you have narrowed down your choice – narrow down choices first and then look a live preview. Looking at the live previews can take many hours and suck up too much time if your not careful – be objective and systematic – not emotive.


  • Open the Live Preview and look at the summary

Feature Round Up

  • Create a comparison table to compare features of each Theme in terms:
    • Available page templates
    • Feature List (Critical vs Desirable)
    • Review score
    • Update frequency

Education Template Comparison