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Earth Air Expeditions is a collaborative venture between 3 highly specialised individuals who are all dedicated to Wildlife Conservation.  Their vision is to educate people through experience-based learning and hands-on participation in their Snow Leopard conservation project based in western Mongolia.   Climate and environmental changes are having a dramatic impact on the inhabitants of this unique landscape and these expeditions will offer a true understanding of cause and effect in context to our collective responsibility to the wider world further than our own familiar surrounds.

Adam Oswell is a recognised Wildlife Conservationist, Photographer and Wildlife Photojournalist.  He will be explaining and demonstrating the role of photography and journalism in conservation as he brings together his experiences of the last 20 years working in conservation and wildlife trafficking.

He and Mark Silverberg have been utilizing paramotors to practice aerial photography as a means of surveying and documenting difficult to access landscapes across northern Thailand and Myanmar.

This unique mode of transport adds an exciting dynamic to the experience of visiting Mongolia as individuals stand to gain a new perspective both literally and figuratively whilst flying high altitude above this incredible environment, partaking in aerial surveys, wildlife observations and photography.

This is a start-up venture which I was initially approached to become involved with.  My initial input was to be responsible for putting together the Earth Air Expedition microsite for a presentation to G-Adventures at their Bangkok head office back in September 2017.

This site was put together in 2-3 days and was intended to help convey the idea in principle as a presentation piece, rather than as a customer-facing website. 

A pilot expedition is due to leave in September 2018 of this year with the first paid groups intended to commence in March 2019.

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