Hi, I amLee Onions


FIT is the acronym given to my own freelance entity registered in the UK.

During its operation, I have taken on various client projects performing both web development and/or marketing services.

The performance-paid projects listed were successful and profitable commission-based affiliate marketing campaigns.


All of the projects below are a mix of client work, startup ventures and pure performance-based affiliate marketing websites. The immediate list below is relatively current and I've described these in more detail. 

These two projects are much older and are now defunct, however, I've given a brief summary of each as further evidence of the breadth of our work.

Supplements, Electricals, Courier Services (Sales Commission-Based)

For each client, we operated a PPC campaign and pushed traffic directly to the client's website, known in the affiliate industry as ‘Direct Linking’. We utilized real-time tracking systems to monitor performance and were paid commissions based on a percentage of the basket value sold from the customers we referred.

Each of the campaigns ran successfully for several years on the basis of identifying cost-effective keywords. We utilized tracking systems and unique identifiers to monitor our best performing keywords and adverts, ensuring that spend versus return was always kept with the bounds of profitability as the commissions were low and therefore margins were very tight.

PABX Telephone Systems (Lead Generation)

In 2012 we trialled a start-up project to generate leads relating to office automation products, focusing predominantly on PABX telephony systems.

We created an informative microsite to explain the product, compare technologies and introduce leading brands.

Our ultimate goal was to encourage visitors to give us their requirements so that we could forward this on to a supplier for further appointment, quotation and sale.

Initially, we focused on Johannesburg in South Africa as it was a relatively untapped market at the time.  We established sales partners, created contracts and generated leads for 3 months before terminating the business due to difficulties relating to communication and payment. We were based in Mexico which added to the complexity of the managing the operation remotely.