Hi, I amLee Onions

I'm a Full Stack Online Marketer with over 11 Years experience of taking ideas and turning them into reality.

Within the realm of online marketing, I’ve managed to develop a wealth of practical, hands-on experience successfully selling many different types products and services online.

I’ve worked across a variety industry verticals with a broad range of clients including multi-nationals, SME’s and startups.

Working as a web developer, designer, copy-writer and marketer has given me the ability to define and execute my own requirements and create solutions.   Understanding software development at this level has helped manage external teams and exploit the technology by understanding features and limitations.





Founder @ FIT

FIT is the name of my own UK based online advertising business. Read more about FIT here or see some of the projects we've worked on below:

Co-Founder@ ASM


ASM is the company I co-founded in the UK back in 2008.  We worked as online advertisers for various insurance companies.  You can read a full description of the business here.

Business Development @ Silvertap

  • Recruited new affiliates to the network
    Sought new partners via targeted research, arranged meetings with new and existing clients, presented at the industry-leading expos including A4U Expo and Internet World
  • Proactively and consciously sought to build trust
    Reliable account management was critical to building trusted relationships.  This involved going the extra mile to present and explain growth opportunities attractively, to secure placements on affiliates' websites
  • Responsible for managing and growing some of the largest affiliate accounts on the network
    The overall network revenue was grown over 400% over 2 years based largely on the affiliate accounts under my influence

Merchant Account Manager @ Optimise Media

  • Responsible for managing over 15 merchant accounts
    This included some of the largest names in finance including Tesco, Halifax, Alliance & Leicester
  • Developed and implemented growth strategies, managed budgets
    Reported results to clients in face-to-face meetings and presentations, often required national travel key meetings on our key accounts
  • Launched new products and offers
    This included new credit cards and finance products
  • Liaised with clients closely and worked with other external agencies
    Reported results, launch new products and develop media communications.
  • Responsible for defining incentivisation strategies to drive campaign growth.
  • Managed and trained new online executives
    Involved one-on-one training, writing support documentation and managing their tasks and workloads


BSc Computer Science | University of East Anglia


Attained a 2.1 degree in Computer Science at one of the top 20 Universities for Computer Science in the UK.

Certificate in Marketing | Norwich City College


Achieved distinction for the certificate in marketing diploma at Norwich City College as part of my personal development course whilst working at Silvertap.

Adwords Certified | Google


Gained certification for Google Adwords fundamentals, search and display advertising.

3 A-Levels & 9 GCSE's Wood Green High School |


A-Levels: Maths (C), Computer (C) Physics (C) GCSE's:  IT (A), Science (A+A), Geography (A), English Lit (A), English Lang (B), Drama (C),  Maths (C)

About Me
I'm passionate about travel, outdoor adventure activities and exploring new places in general. I spent 5 years living and travelling in different parts of South East Asia, Central America and Southern Africa from 2009-2014. I've spent the last 4 years living with my family in the historic and culturally rich city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand.
What am I reading now?
Principles by Ray Dalio